Online Privacy Training

More than half of all personal data breaches are caused by accidents and mistakes, often - but not always - triggered by phishing and other scams.

We know instinctively when something is fair or unfair, right or wrong, and we naturally take more care of things that we feel are important.

Of course compliance with the GDPR is important, and the fines and other impacts of non-compliance can harm your organisation, but we do not believe that a training course on the GDPR with examples of eye-watering fines suffered by global companies is as effective in reducing the risk of breaches.

APIMS Privacy Essentials is specifically designed to reduce your risk of breaches and build a positive Privacy culture by:

(a) making your employees think about their own and their family’s privacy and personal information, and how precious it is to them, and

(b) developing two qualities that your employees already have: common sense and a good moral compass.

Click here to see how 30 minutes of APIMS Privacy Essentials training will transform the way your employees think and feel about the information they handle every day - and improve the way they protect it.

We all want to do the right thing - Privacy Essentials will show you and your employees how.