Because APIMS cuts GDPR complexity and cost of compliance

If you're a company director, school governor or charity trustee, the GDPR's Accountability Principle makes you "responsible for ensuring and being able to demonstrate" that everything that happens to personal information, anywhere in your organisation, complies with the six Privacy Principles.

The problem is that, like most leaders, you probably have little or no visibility and control of this information, how it's collected and used, where it's stored, who has access, how secure it is, how long it's kept and how it is disposed of, etc.

So how can you "ensure compliance" - let alone produce records and evidence to "demonstrate" it? 

Data mapping simplified

by giving you the visibility

APIMS maps your management structure and operations, automatically generating a 'Record of Processing Activities', giving you full visibility of all the Personal Information you hold and the answers to all those questions.

Risks flagged, controls monitored

and control of your data

APIMS automatically generates a GDPR Compliance Report, with Actions to address each compliance gap and draft Risk Ratings to help you prioritise. You simply review the Report and assign an Owner and Due date to each Action.

You can track progress via the Dashboard, and monitor your reducing risk levels in the Risk Register. 

Accountability assured

to ensure and demonstrate compliance

While the APIMS Dashboard provides you and your managers with visibility and control, APIMS automatically keeps detailed records of all actions and decisions taken, so you can "demonstrate compliance" at any time.

Visibility & Control

Accountability assured

APIMS's unique Accountability Framework aligns to your existing management structure to ensure that responsibility for compliance and risk management are assigned to the right people.

And additional APIMS functionality gives your managers the tools and information they need to ensure compliance in their part of the organisation - and demonstrate it with evidence to your leadership team.

You know your business. We know privacy.

Let's work together to Get Privacy Right.

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